Psychoanalysis American Style: Hillary Explained in Vanity Fair

By Rosslyn S. Smith
Rightgrrl Contributor
January 10, 1999

"Bill loves Bill and Hillary loves Bill. That is what they have in common."

What did you think of Gail Sheehy's portrait of Bill and Hill in this month's Vanity Fair? Little in this article could not have been reported in 1992, when Sheehy started her research. Vanity Fair ran Sheehy's psycho-babble profiles of Bush, Dukakis, Gingrich and others. Why did its editors give Bill a pass until now?

I think the article shows that the media culture is in end game on our President. Bill is shown to be an undisciplined dolt, a hick, not truly one of the Vanity Fair/New Yorker glitteratia but only accepted in the Hamptons because of his wife. Although Sheehy is obviously fond of Hillary, the article does point out that all the bad political decisions made since 1992 were made by Hillary. My analysis is that Hillary, who treats any and all dissent as war, has never learned those key military precepts: Pick your fights carefully and never reinforce failure. This is because, as Sheehy reports, she has taken the art of willful ignorance to new heights. Unpleasant facts about Bill either do not exist or are figments of their enemies imaginations.The people

Hillary places around their co-presidency must believe the same, or they are gone.

My favorite part of this long article is a quote from Dick Morris that "Bill loves Bill and Hillary loves Bill. That is what they have in common."

My guess is that he is completely immune to anything less than a lightening bolt on the road to Damascus. I'm not sure about her, however. She has been able to block out all the pain her husband's bad behavior has caused her. Now, however, it is obviously causing great pain to their daughter. It is unlikely that she can remain blind to that.

In summary. it is Chelsea that I truly feel for.

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