Monica Lewinsky: The "Victim"

By Shellie Burnell
Future Featured Rightgrrl
March 08, 1999

What an interview, eh? Did you catch all the crocodile tears? The pity me, boo hoo story? Barbara Walters did an excellent job getting Monica to show her true colors, didn't she? Amazing. The young woman that has been in the spotlight for several months, actually had nerve to portray herself as a victim. What a joke!

When Monica had the affair with the teacher, she told him and his wife that she was going to get her "presidential kneepads", and boy did she ever. Who knows how true that statement was, but it sure seems to fit her character, what little there is to be seen. I was actually embarrassed for Monica, as she displayed how shallow she actually was, during her interview with Barbara.

Monica was on a mission from day one. She went to the White House with high expectations. She got accepted as an intern, and pursued the President from their first encounter. She was reprimanded for her improper attire, and still continued to worm her way into his sight whenever she could. Once he had noticed her, she was in. She proceeded to get involved with the President, not only a father and husband, but also the leader of our nation, which was sworn to protect and uphold the laws of this country. As if that wasn't bad enough, they carried on right in the White House! They did it during working hours, and even while the President was on the phone handling the business of our nation. Not only did she lie under oath during a federal court proceeding, but she also wrote the "talking points" to help Linda Tripp falsify her testimony. She continued to hide the truth until she was finally granted immunity. Then the whole truth came out. Did she leave out any details? Not hardly. It seemed as though all the sordid details were embedded in her mind, for use at a later time. Not only was her testimony graphic and detailed, but it matched the testimony of others asked to tell their versions. Well, good for Miss Monica. The truth finally prevailed, but was that enough? Hardly.

Next comes the impeachment trial. The greatest injustice ever served to our country. Not only was it okay for the president to be an adulterer while working, but it was okay with America that he had perjured himself, to protect his own sorry hide. Perjury in a case of sexual harassment, while working in an elected position. How sad. Paula Jones was shredded up in the media, and decided to stand up for herself, and prove her case however she could, to stop this sex addict. She was granted an $850,000.00 settlement. Hmm, does that sound like an innocent gesture? Not likely. Sounds like silencing money to me. That's an awful lot of money to pay if the President is so innocent of these claims, eh?

Now for the tearful, painful interview of Monica. She finally speaks. The day before the release of her new book. What a major coincidence you say? Oh no, there is no coincidence there at all. Not only did Monica show absolutely no remorse for her sexual escapade, but she actually giggled through all the questions! What an outrage! How dare she and Mr. Clinton disrupt our nation, for several months, then go on national television to cry to us about how difficult her poor little life is. Poor little Monica. She actually seemed to chastise the nation for the consequences she has faced! Her poor mother and father dragged through her mud. Monica, you reap what you sow. You play you pay. No one but you and Bill Clinton are responsible for the mess you have made. Where was the remorse for your behavior and actions? Was it hidden behind the schoolgirl giggling? Forgive me Monica for not feeling sorry for you, or what you have done to the morals of our society. You and Bill have taken it upon yourselves to destroy even more of the moral standards that may have remained a part of our country. What little there was, has definitely sputtered into the wind, since you and the President have acted on your impulses.

From this point, the best thing we can do is to make sure that this travesty of justice never happens again. Although, I am sure Monica would not agree, she is so obviously still in love with the man that she claims has ruined her life. Even though she continuously stalked him at public appearances, and continues to claim it was he that kept the relationship going. Boo hoo. I feel so sorry for you both. But I'm sure all the paychecks from the sales of the book will help to take away the sting, Miss Monica.

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