Rightgrrl awakes, blinks into the light of Sarah Palin

By Stephanie Herman and Carolyn Gargaro
September 3, 2008

Wow - Sarah Palin has emerged as what we would call the quintessential Rightgrrl! Not perfect. But spunky, calloused, informed, bold, and principled.

So who is she? What’s she really all about? It depends on who you ask.

The lefty blogs are busy defining her by the actions of her daughter - one pointing out her daughter’s boyfriend plays hockey, then asking, What rhymes with puck?

More mature journalists on the left are trying to craft a hypocrisy argument by pointing out that Palin, who opposes wasteful earmark spending, procured Wasilla earmarks for (gasp!) sewer repairs, a youth shelter, and public transportation.

To be fair, many on the right are now guilty of probably more Palin adoration than is circumspect in light of their previous messiah- criticism of Obama.

But before the Palin hype drew out the rabid Left and adoring Right, you could find more balanced information. A quick study of Palin news clips shows that she’s your typical conservative - more green than the Left would have you believe, pro-life even when tested, able to fire a gun, eager to drill domestically (especially in ANWR), tax shy, and pro military.

But on top of all that, she’s a woman. And the GOP has finally seen the “strategery” of featuring one front and center! Rightgrrl is

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