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  NAME: Charlene E Campbell

AGE: 31

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: None..I vote for the person who I feel is the best candidate, regardless of party affiliation

HOBBIES: Hobbies??? Who has time for hobbies with four children under the age of 6. I used to enjoy cross stitching, reading, and walking. POLITICAL PET PEEVE: Candidates who are wishy-washy on important issues

FAVORITE MOVIE: Sense and Sensibility

FAVORITE MUSIC: I love those angry female rockers!!!! Unfortunately most of them are pro-choice.

MY ASPIRATIONS: To be a great mother and wife. To help as many women as possible either heal from a previous abortion or choose life in a crisis pregnancy. To be a saint (although I am afraid I fall very short of this goal at the moment).

MY OUR TAKE ON ABORTION: I am a post abortive woman who is now 100% pro-life. No Exceptions! I feel it is my duty as a feminist and as a Christian (yes, you can be both!) to fight for women and their unborn children. If you are a true feminist, you want what is best for women. Allowing children free access to abortion without parental knowledge, allowing women to have abortions without fully disclosing all of the facts about fetal development and the risks both physical and psychological, denying the suffering of post-abortive women...all of these things are detrimental to women, yet mainstream feminists have fought tooth and nail for these things all in the name of "women's rights". NO THANKS!!

ROLE MODELS & HEROS: Joan Andrews Bell, Mother Theresa, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene

E-MAIL: Brdhswife@aol.com

I am a happily married, devout Catholic, 31 year old, stay at home mom with five children ( Joshua (6), Hannah (3), Mary-Katherine (1), Jack (5 months), and a baby lost to abortion 15 years ago). I am graduate of Simmons College in Boston MA. I have a BA in International Relations. I am a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, where I served with the 89th Military Police Brigade. I have worked w/ troubled children in a runaway shelter. And I have established a catering business for a small company. I always say that variety is the spice of life!

I am 100% pro-woman!! I believe in equal rights for EVERYONE. Mainstream feminists do not reflect my ideas and values; or those of anyone I know. I believe that we, as feminists, have been sold a lame bill of goods. I want to take feminism back to its pure roots. I want to take feminism back to the days when we were about justice and equality. I don't want to focus on our victimization, but rather on what we can do to help ourselves...without trampling on the rights of the unborn and men.

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