Featured Rightgrrl
  NAME: Cheryl Gevry

AGE: 30


HOBBIES: Avid Reading, needlework, hockey mom

FAVORITE MUSIC: Kiss, Queen, The Wallflowers



BOOKS I RECOMMEND: "The Stand", by Stephen King and "Ronald Reagan - How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader", by Dinesh D'Souza

MY ASPIRATIONS: To meet Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh and Pope John Paul II; writing editorials and teaching.

ROLE MODELS: Margaret Thatcher

E-MAIL: cgevry@map.com

Somehow I managed to grow up the only conservative in a house full of liberals. This has caused several disagreements from the issue of gun control, to welfare reform, to a flat tax rate and mostly abortion.

I was brought up Catholic, but prefer to be considered a non-denominational Christian; since on Judgement Day, it won't matter what organized religion any one of us followed on earth. The believers will be taken up whether they were Catholic, Baptist, or Jewish.

Although, I do not involve myself in lobbying of any kind, I am strongly opinionated and tastefully share my beliefs with those around me.

I am currently working with one of my sisters on a fictional account based upon our childhood. I aspire to one day be published in the field of children's literature and also desire to write editorials. However, you will find that my opinions are based on facts, not distorted information or the rantings of the main stream media.

I hope that upon completing my degree program, I will be able to teach middle school children. Teaching is my lifelong dream. This may seem ridiculous to some, but I feel that too often young people are fed the liberal agenda and told that this is education. My son does not need to learn to appreciate homosexuals and safe sex in order to be considered educated, nor does he need to learn that Communists aren't bad people; they just think differently than we do, in order to be compassionate in the correct way.

I believe that America is the greatest country in the world. It is our duty as a superpower to protect our steadfast allies in Great Britian and Israel, as well as those oppressed by the communist regime. I hesitate to regard the Cold War as over. Therefore, I am against cutbacks in defense.

It is my opinion that taxes should be handled in one of two ways. They should be used toward law enforcement and defense or an individual should have the ability to decide which programs he supports.

I will continue to share my belief system with all those who ask, and sometimes those that don't, in the hopes that I can spark an interest in thinking through an arguement. This is perhaps the largest reason I wish to teach. Young people need to be taught to form their own opinions, based upon facts in order to become successful adults and leaders.

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