Featured Rightgrrl
  NAME: Carolyn Gochee

AGE: 21

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Conservative Republican

HOBBIES: Fishing, hunting, reading, walks in the woods, hanging out with friends, traveling (when money allows for it), scuba diving, and any other new challenge

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: President Clinton

FAVORITE MOVIE: Man From Snowy River

BOOKS I RECOMMEND: Chicken Soup for the Soul and How Could You Do That

FAVORITE MUSIC: Country, Classical and Good Rock n Roll

MY ASPIRATIONS: help heal as many people as I can with my hands (...to be the Best Chiropractor that I can be)

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: It is a silent holocaust. It is wrong to slaughter innocent victims for no reason. They did not ask to be brought into this world and it Is NOT the woman's right to take them from this world. There are also Too many complication that correlate with abortions which clearly make it unsafe for the woman. It can cause cancer, sterility, infection, and extreme cases of depression; just to name a few.

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: The text book definition needs to be changed. The text book view states that conservatives want the country to regress which is not true. Conservatives want the country to move fwd at a lower cost than what it is doing now

ROLE MODELS & HEROS: My Mom and Dad, who celebrated their 29th year of marriage 16 Aug. Dr. Laura Schlessenger, Rush Limbaugh and R. Reagan

I am politically oriented rather well. I am a 21 year-old college student at Palmer College of Chiropractic, but I have done various jobs in the work force. I have worked in a factory setting, two different times on the line, (three months at a time) and became very frustrated with the way a lot of Americans think. They want more money from their bosses because they don't make enough. They never looked at their gross income. A lot of them were making over $500 gross a week, but were only taking home $350! Where do you think they should ask for a raise? The Government! The lay person needs to be educated and realize that the government (Democratic tax laws) are what taking away their money. There are many laws that have been passed by both parties that have hurt the Americans, but there needs to be more education and better/higher standards set for us by our politicians. How are we going to rise up if they keep pulling us down?

Carolyn's Adoption Story
In March 1996 I met "the guy of my dreams." NOT!! He turned out to be a total jerk. We broke up shortly after we found out I was pregnant. We had already started looking into adoption because I refused to have an abortion, even though he wanted me to, and I started to realize that things were not good between us. I knew that it was not the proper environment to bring a child into, and I had five years of college left at that time.

We broke up when I was out working in Yellowstone National Park for the summer. This gave both my parents and myself some room and a lot of time to think. When I got home, my social worker had me view portfolios right away because the sooner this step was started the better. I gave her a certain criteria and she found five couples that met that criteria. These were the ones that she thought would be the best for me, but if I did not like what I read there were plenty more for me to view. I found the couple I liked in the first group of portfolios. The next step was to set up an interview/meeting. Many birthmoms/couples treat it as a informal meeting; I treated it as a very important interview. I asked them some really tough questions about religion, how they were going to talk to my child about adoption, discipline and mane other stiff question. Let's just put it this way - I ran them through the works, and when we were finished, I knew that they would be the best parents for my child.

After that we started to talk to one another on the phone each weekend starting on the first of October. We would talk for about an hour or more and I really got to know them as people. We discovered that we had a lot in common. Our family history is almost identical except they have Irish and I had French ancestors. A lot of the family kept telling the adoptive mom that we looked a lot alike. The adoptive father was a lot like my dad and just a whole bunch of details. I felt like I was putting my daughter into a home that would be just as good as mine, but she would have two parents.

I even had the adoptive couple meet my parents at an informal dinner. It was kind of a coincidence that it was there five year anniversary. They got married at a more mature age. My parents really enjoyed the evening and we also had a small gift exchange. It was a real nice event.

I had my daughter January 4, 1997, at 8:59a.m. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My mom got to hold her first and I held her as soon as I was cleaned up. I could not believe how precious she seemed. I loved her very much and I knew that she was going to make some family very happy.

What a wonderful event. I spent two days in the hospital with her and I really got to love her and care for her. She was truly my daughter. Saying good-bye was the hardest thing, but it was not as hard as people think it is. I loved her, but I had to do what was best for her and not be selfish. She needed a strong, two parent home that would give her love all the time. I knew that I could not do that.

I am very happy about my decision. I still get phone calls and pictures all the time. She is my little angle sent from heaven above, to touch all of our lives with wonder and fill all or our hearts with love.