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  Stephanie NAME: Stephanie Birmingham

AGE: 30

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: libertarian - not a party member, but a believer in personal liberty.

HOBBIES: Shooting, talk shows and debate, reading. And reading and reading and reading.


POLITICIANS I'D VOTE FOR AGAIN: Rep. Mitchell Kaye, Rep. Brian Joyce, both of Georgia.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Terminator 2

BOOKS YOU RECOMMEND: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Unintended Consequences by John Ross

FAVORITE MUSIC: Classical and Classic Rock

MY ASPIRATIONS: I am a radio talk show host - aspiring to keep my job even though my "take" on life is such that it steps on the toes of many very important people. There is comfort though, in the knowledge that I am right. And Right.

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: No way, no how, and don't try to debate me, you'll lose. I have only a little tolerance for those pro-choicers who don't think there's anything wrong with abortion, but I must give them credit for being consistent on that topic. It's the ones who say that they are against abortion EXCEPT in the cases of rape, incest or threat to the health of the mother, who REALLY chap my butt. Inconsistency is the spawn of lack of knowledge and lack of conviction. Is abortion murder or isn't it? It isn't? Then I can have a little more tolerance for the mind-set, wrong though it is, of pro-choicers who don't believe that they are committing murder. Oh, it IS murder?....but, you can justify it - pre-meditated though it is (involving a paid assassin, I might add) in certain circumstances. How very convenient. I'll remember that line of thinking and reason the next time you piss me off!

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: I believe that conservative, if defined as "one who adheres to traditional values" or "a cautious or discreet person". definitely fits me. But I have found myself to be increasingly disappointed in many politicians who call themselves conservatives, since many of them have become nothing more than robots who take it upon themselves to enforce anything the "liberals" pass. Along with the personal liberty I'm always demanding comes a tremendous requirement in the way of personal responsibility. I'll gladly take that for my own actions as I expect fellow conservatives to do.

I have taken it upon myself, through writing, speaking engagements, and my own radio talk show (found at www.wgow.com - click on WGOW-FM - can be heard from 1-3 EST on 102.3, WGOW-FM, Chattanooga) to make known to all who will hear that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are documents which include rights that are inviolable. I continue to hit hard on the fact that although there are those at all levels of government who would try to infringe upon those rights whether it is in the name of "security" or simply convenience - the rights are ours. There are none who have the power or the authority to take those rights away, so I don't complain about losing my rights. Rather, I continually point out that those rights are OURS regardless of what others may say, and regardless of unlawful acts called "laws" that infringe upon those rights. I have a ring on my finger. It is a gift that was given t!o me - bought and paid for - therefore, I am the owner. It is possible that some would covet that ring and would wish to deprive me of it. They may even try to steal it - but even if they succeed - that ring is still mine. It was never anyone else's to take in The first place - and though someone may have taken unlawful possession of that ring, it continues to be mine regardless of the actions of those with ill-intent to try to take it away. It was bought, with a price - for me, just as my rights were bought, for a price - for me. Attempts to steal them notwithstanding, I will never say that my rights have ever been taken away. I could choose to GIVE those rights away, but until we as Americans realize that government can't take away our rights because they don't have the power - the power lies with We The People - we will be in a form of slavery of our own device - slavery that we have accepted and chosen as our lot in life - because we allowed it to be so.

ROLE MODELS & HEROS: Patty Neill certainly tops the list.

WEB PAGE: http://members.aol.com/DIXIEFORME/FreedomSite-index.html


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