Will Cupid's Arrows Fly? Not if the Radical Feminists Can Help It!

Lisa De Pasquale
Featured Rightgrrl February 1999
Program Director, Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute
February 21, 2000

Looking for love? If you are counting on a great date, don't ask out a feminist like those below. Time and time again, these graying bra burners rely on pitting women and men against one another in order to further their leftist agenda. Their antics are a constant reminder of how out of touch they have become with the real concerns of women. Here are just a few examples:

In Letters From A War Zone, feminist poster girl Andrea Dworkin writes, "We are losing... The war is men against women." She also asserts that the home is the most dangerous place for a woman to be, saying, "Marriage is an institution that is extremely oppressive and dangerous to women."

Feminist author Catherine MacKinnon tells women that there is "no distinguishable difference between rape and marriage." The most disturbing aspect of Dworkin and MacKinnon's writings is that you can find them in virtually any college or university bookstore as required reading for thousands of young women in Women's Studies classes.

The National Organization for (liberal) Women urges its members to fight the fathers' rights movement, which they call "a wolf in sheep's clothing." An intitiative called the Fathers Count Act scares these male-hating feminists. The act would allow organizations that promote marriage and responsible fatherhood to assist non-custodial fathers. NOW claims the Fathers Count Act will "hurt poor children and make it even harder for custodial parents to make ends meet."

In reality, it does just the opposite -- it helps organizations reach millions of "deadbeat dads," offering them job training and counseling, as well as teaching them to become more financially supportive and involved in their chiildren's lives. The feminists' opposition simply reinforces their anti-male agenda -- an agenda that will put women and children in poverty.

Germaine Greer, the feminist who told our mothers to "refuse to marry" in the sexual revolution classic The Female Eunuch, is back. After a 30 year-break, Greer has penned a sequel. In The Whole Woman, Greer has moved from her endorsement of promiscuity to a call for women to segregate themselves from men and form their own morally superior society. Nationally syndicated columnist and Luce Policy Institute speaker Suzanne Fields remarked on Greer's book, "Women in these all-female gatherings can't amuse themselves with books because [Greer] finds literacy is the first step on the road to submission to men." Hopefully, these "empowered" women in Greer's camp will have her book on audio.

As conservative women, we should be committed to exposing the radical feminists for what they really are -- a group of disgruntled liberals seeking to keep women in a state of victimhood and engaged in a fictional gender war.

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