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Recent Abortion Deaths
Rhetoric of Choice Proves a Thin Veneer

Legal Action for Women keeps tabs on abortion providers.

On June 26, 1994, 31-year-old Pamela Coleson went to Pensacola Women's Medical Services for a first-trimester abortion. During the drive home, her friends noticed that she was unresponsive, so they pulled over and called for help. Two passers-by performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. At the hospital, medical personnel performed an emergency hysterectomy in a vain attempt to control Pamela's hemorrhaging.

Shortly after Pamela's Death, Vicki Conroy of Legal Action for women accompanied a post-abortion woman to the National Abortion Federation member site where Pamela had submitted to the fatal abortion. There, the post-abortion woman placed a memorial wreath on the building, using the same kind of sticky-gum material used to hang posters in dormatories, and Vicki photographed the scene. The next day, the wreath was gone.

During the media blitz followng the shooting of John Britton the next month, the clinic where Pamela had sustained her fatal injuries finally pressed charges against Vicki, and she was arrested for having participated in the placing of the memorial wreath.

These events bring home the reality of the abortion industry's priorities. Abortionists and those who aid and facilitate are given every possible protection. The women they supposedly serve are treated, at best, like second-class citizens. When an abortionist is killed, no expression of outrage is strong enough, no measure to protect other abortionists is too expensive or too burdensome. But when a woman is killed, there is no expression of outrage, and safety measures are dismissed as too costly and too burdensome. To even acknowledge the woman's death is treated like a crime.

Legal Action for Women helps abortion-injured women, and the families of women and girls killed or incapacitated by abortion, to seek justice in the courts. Their web site offers up-to-date links with information on abortion facilities and abortion deaths. Here you will find information on the deaths of Eurice Agbagaa, Gloria Small, Guadalupe Negron, Angela Hall, Sharon Hamptlon, Louann Herron, Tamika Dowdy, and others.

Been There, Done That

Meet the Abortion Providers - A powerful link to a powerful video, featuring abortionists and clinic workers who had the courage to admit that they had been wrong.

What One Researcher Found

This site of selected cases from Kevin Sherlock's Victims of Choice provides information and cites on some of the scores of abortion deaths unearthed by the author.

More of the Underbelly of the Abortion Industry

Pro-Life America presents an overview of deaths, sexual abuse, and shady dealings in American abortion practice.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

How can you put a human face on the suffering and death caused by abortion? The task is daunting. Priests for Life has made a start, however, by compiling a death log of women and girls who have died from legal abortions -- or abortions they believed were legal -- in the United States. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does include the other two known victims of National Abortion Federation member Robert Crist: Diane Boyd, a mentally retarded woman pregnant through rape, and Latachie Veal, a 17-year-old girl whose death Crist discussed at a National Abortion Federation gathering without the Centers for Disease Control even noticing.

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Abortion Mortality

...but you have to ask.Their Last Choice digs deep into maternal deaths from abortions. This site goes beyond merely reporting cases. Their Last Choice provides analysis of why abortion deaths are grossly underreported, why legalization isn't the solution to abortion mortality, and what dynamics perpetuate the carnage legalization was supposed to abolish.

What are they hiding?

A clinic calls 911 after puncturing a woman's uterus during an abortion, but they don't want the emergency vehicle to use lights or sirens when arriving. Why?
Additional Information

Myth of Safe Abortions - Women have been hurt, maimed and even killed by abortion practicioners at Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.

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