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Recommended Abortion Related Books:
  • Aborted Women, Silent No More by David C. Reardon, PhD. - Comprehensive book about post-abortion trauma and pain.

  • The Black Stork by Martin S. Pernick - Eugenics and the Death of "Defective" Babies in American Medicine and Motion Pictures since 1915

  • A Child is Born by Lennart Nilsson - See stunning photos of an unborn child through all stages of development

  • Having Your Baby When Others Say No by Madeline Pecora Nugent - An excellent resource for pregnant women being pressured to abort and those trying to aid such women.

  • Making Abortion Rare : A Healing Strategy for a Divided Nation by David C. Reardon, PhD - This book discusses a pro-woman, pro-life ethic which could drastically reduce abortion rates, even while abortion remains legal.

  • Tilly - by Frank E. Peretti - Kathy and Dan Ross are just like any other young couple. No one would ever imagine what secrets lie buried in their souls until Kathy is captivated by a simple name on a tiny gravestone that would change their lives forever

  • The Missing Piece by Lee Ezell - Lee Ezell became pregnant through rape. Despite pressure to abort, she decided to make the loving choice of adoption. This is the story of her reunion with her adult daughter, Julie Makimaa.

  • Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments

  • Pro-Life Feminism : Different Voices by Gail Grenier Sweet

  • Pro-Life Feminism Yesterday and Today by Mary Krane Derr (Editor), Linda Naranjo-Huebl (Contributor), Rachel MacNair - Discusses why the pro-life view and feminism go hand in hand.

  • The Wondering Tree by Jonna Clark - An interactive book for parents to use with children in discussing and disclosing an abortion experience. The Wondering Tree opens the way for careful and open communication about a difficult subject.

  • "Birth Secrets: Breaking the silence of hidden pregnancies". by Jennifer Bradshaw, Published 1997 in Auckland by Penguin (NZ). Its ISBN is 0140268839. If you can't find any retailer who will order it for you, you can get it direct from the publisher. Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd, Private Bag, NSMC, Auckland, New Zealand.

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