Celebrities SPEAK OUT on the President

Elizabeth Ward Gracen, former Miss America

Elizabeth Gracen On one particular occasion during the Paula Jones case, I disappeared. The next day, a subpoena arrived at my parents' place. I started to keep on getting the calls. I hired lawyer Bruce Cutler and investigators.

Yes, I was physically scared. We are talking about the presidency of the country here, and between the friendly calls on one hand telling me to get out of town for my own good and then talking about smear tactics on the other, I got scared. Yes, physically scared.

There were always veiled threats. Always. I did nothing wrong except one stupid night a long time ago. But now this last year has become very frightening. You know we don't deserve this man. I read what Monica Lewinsky was saying. Some people laugh. Some people don't. Some of the things sound strange. But I was her age once, and I was taken in by his charm, regrettably.

Yes, it was a giddy experience to have the governor of Arkansas take so much notice of you. You always think you are special, which when it comes to him is pretty stupid.

Monica was taken in by the president. Same charm, same cuddly little boy. Not true. How can any world leader believe him? Really.

Source - New York Post