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Featured Rightgrrl for February, 1998

Name: Vincenza M. Carter
Age: 38
Occupation: Mom, Wife, student (in that order)
Political Affiliation: Actually, though I am registered Republican, I mostly vote according to my faith. Mostly I am a one issue voter...the issue is Abortion
Hobbies: Crocheting..Theology...worrying..
Bad Habits: I smoke, worry too much...yell to much..
Political Pet Peeve: Wimpy politicians who let the little girls from NOW tell them what to do.
Favorite Politician: Was, is, and always will be Robert Dornan
My Hero: Believe it or not, Jesus Christ, who was not afraid to challenge the politically correct of his time and call them as he saw them.
My personal feelings on Abortion:Ohhh...hard one. I aborted three children when I was younger, but I am one hundred percent pro-life now. My feelings is that no matter what, abortion is wrong, and killing a baby, is killing a baby, no matter how you look at it.

How I came to be pro life: Another hard one! Even while laying on an abortionist's table, I knew what abortion was. For a time I bought into the lie that it wasn't my place, especially my place, to choose for someone else. Then I sought the Lord's forgiveness for what I had done, and realized that it was precisely because of what I had done that I had to fight for the life of other children and their mothers. Abortion is a multi-million dollar industry that is killing children, breaking the souls and hearts of women, and feeding into the power mad egos of those women who really wish they had been born men.

My Goals: Currently I am in training to become a project Rachel volunteer, and a college student. My goal had been to become a Scriptural Theologian, but in the past few days, I have decided to change to a Social Work major, so that I can be a full time counselor for those who are suffering from Post Abortion Stress Trauma. Someday those of us who have aborted will rise up in defense of all the unborn, and we will raise a voice that no one, with all their millions, will be able to silence. My Goal is to be a part of that army.

WEB PAGE: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/3149/prolife/lifeindex.html My webpage is my story. The site contains my abortion history, links to other pro life sites, and most of all, hope for those who have aborted, that love and healing and forgiveness are possible, and a voice to those who are thinking of aborting, a way to let them hear the other side.