Open Letter to a Killer

By Lara
October 26, 1998

Featured Rightgrrl November 1998

Hey, you with the gun... yes, you who shot the abortionist through his window, killing him in front of his wife and four children.

What do you think you are doing? I know exactly what you did, according to the news. That's way too obvious. My question may better be phrased any number of ways: What is your justification? What do you think you will accomplish? Who do you think you will really benefit by your actions?

As I said before, what do you think you are doing? Whatever it is, I'll tell you what you are really doing. You are playing right into the hands of the people you say you are against, and you are destroying the lives of people on both sides of the issue in the process. You are working against women and children. You are, in your own sick way, preserving the status quo rather than making any positive change.

Put away your gun. You're only making the problem worse.