VRWC Redefined

By Linda A. Prussen-Razzano

Featured Rightgrrl April 1999
March 17, 1999

I'm one of those silly women who respect themselves. As a result, I expect respect from others. Naturally, I expect my husband to respect me.

When I spoke my wedding vows before God, family, and friends, I meant them. I have loved, honored, cherished, and been faithful to my husband; I expect to always behave and feel this way. I have received, and expect to always receive, the same from him.

I consider my body a gift from God. I consider my husband a gift from God. I consider our vows sacred and binding. As a result, I only share my body with him (pregnancy excepted, of course). I expect him to do the same.

So it comes as some surprise that the mainstream media, and the American public at large, are enamoured with the President. I'm even more surprised by the adulation being showered on our First Lady.

If a couple finds themselves at odd-ends, growing apart over the years instead of together, I can understand how an "affair" may arise. This doesn't mean I condone it; nevertheless, I understand it. I can even understand why a woman, confronted with a penitent husband and an opportunity to salvage her marriage, may chose to forgive and build their lives anew.

That being said, no self-respecting female would allow her dignity to be crushed completely and repeatedly by her husband. Bill is already a self-confessed liar and adulterer. He has confirmed at least three sexual relationships outside of his marriage. His abysmal track record in the "trust" department encourages us to rationally believe the numerous claims of other women, some who allege predatory, evil, and criminal behavior on his part.

In light of this, one must ask….is Hillary's self-esteem so pitifully low that she would tolerate the flagrant, repeated, and outrageous betrayal of her wedding vows? Is she so amoral that she would continue to excuse, ignore, or enable his equally immoral acts? Is her lack of self-respect so ingrained that she would actually embrace her abuser with open arms?

Perhaps. Or perhaps she is so addicted to power, she will sacrifice anything - including her dignity, morals, and self-respect - to stay by his side? Perhaps she is using him as much as he is using her?

How pitiful.

A little over a year ago, Hillary claimed that the Lewinsky scandal was the work of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. She feared those nasty anti-Clintonistas were trying to tear her husband from his lofty perch. Eleanor Clift, notorious Clinton sycophant, took it one step further. She called the VRWC a "dirty little cabal."

Sorry, ladies, we know the truth.

Both of these women were not afraid of an expansive network, lead by Ken Starr, designed to manufacture dirt on Bill Clinton. Both of these women were afraid of US…the women who would not sell our souls for political gain, the women who respect and love ourselves and demand the same from those around us. They fear us, the truly powerful women who make a real difference in everyday lives, and who would have shown a shameless pervert and his immature slut the front door years ago.

Hillary allegedly wants to be a Senator, to represent the women of New York. How can she, when the VRWC has not disbanded? How can she, when she can't even look us, the VRWC, in the eye?

We still exist, you see, and she will face us at every turn.

We are the Very Respected Women Conservatives.

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