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  Linda NAME: Linda A. Prussen-Razzano

AGE: 33


HOBBIES: Reading, Writing, Tutoring, Gardening

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: Eolian morals (changing with the wind).



BOOKS I RECOMMEND: Anything by Herman Meville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Christine de Pisan (Courtly Love Poet), Marie de France, Phillip Caputo, Saul Bellows, J.M. Coetzee, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, and Judith McNaught.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Mozart, Beethoven, The Cure, Metallica.

MY ASPIRATIONS: To honor my God, my husband, my family, and my country. To win the Nobel Prize for literature.

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: Conservatism trusts in the strength of the individual; it fosters a sense of community through just actions and a recognition of moral obligations, not through manufactured guilt or classic dehumanization. It embraces the ideals of a "perfect" community, where good deeds are expected simply because they are the right thing to do. The opposite of conservatism is destruction, be it of the ties that bind, the celebration of depravity, or the justification of criminal activity, all carefully disguised as "compassion."

Linda MY TAKE ON ABORTION: In order to combat the pro-abortion propaganda, and actually make positive steps towards eliminating abortion, we must construct a 2-prong approach. First, we must reconstruct the ideal of "virtue", ie., that a woman's body is a sacred gift, shared only with a person to whom she had made a long, lasting, and loving commitment. Women who view themselves as unimportant do not possess the necessary self-image to resist casual (and now, life-threatening) sexual experiences. Abstinence is the only fool-proof method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy...to insist otherwise is a gross misrepresentation.

Next, we must pass legislation which incrementally restricts access and funding for abortions. The war for the lives of unborn babies was lost in a series of battles; to win, we must move the country's moral compass back in the right direction. Unfortunately, theblitzkriege assault on abortion has been unfruitful...whereas measured changes, over a period of time (allowing for acclimation by the public), will allow us a slower, but surer path to victory.


WEB PAGE: http://welcome.to/texans4keyes
If I could share only two things with the individuals of this forum, they would be:

1. Every single day is a precious gift. Do not take a moment for granted. Don't waste hours in front of a television, or fret away time in idle nothingness. Tell those you love how special they are, everyday. Learn something new everyday. Expand your horizons everyday. You'll find yourself sleeping peacefully every night.

2. Whether you believe in a higher power, or not, has no bearing on your moral convictions. This being said, I would encourage everyone to express their moral convictions, even when they are based on religious beliefs. If we let the government set the moral tone for the country, history proves that we open ourselves up to tyranny. When the churches conceded their power to Hitler, when Henry XIII dismantled the Catholic church in England, and, currently, in Communist countries around the world, the frightening potential for abuse against the helpless was revealed when those who enacted legislation also moderated the people's norms.

We need a set of seemingly unobtainable "perfections" as our goal. We can judge ourselves as a society by how our laws either move us towards those goals, or away from them. Sadly, the current administration has shown that it will sacrifice anyone, and any ideal, to remain in power. How tragic, that in a society which claims to honor freedom of speech, those who decry these abuses are chastised to remain silent.

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