Gag Me With a Spoon Monica:
the Dennis Rodman of NOW

By Jennifer King
Featured Rightgrrl December 1998
March 08, 1999

Monica Lewinsky gives women a bad name. Not long ago, we had women who understood that having serial affairs with married men old enough to be your father was immoral and corrupt. Monica not only doesn't seem to realize that, she doesn't even seem to understand these concepts.

Monica chats blithely, serenely about her affair with the President. No personal detail embarrasses her. There is nary a hint of concern over the fact that the President is a married man. Might the President have had another girlfriend before, then or after? Maybe, acknowledges Monica with a yawn - no big deal. What's a few sexually transmitted diseases among friends.

Monica herself got impregnated by another older man while still "seeing" the President - a minor inconvenience which she quickly aborted. Shame? Perish the thought - Monica, you see, is simply "open" about her sexuality. Open, I'll say, she practically has a sign planted above her crotch saying "vacancy, apply now".

Let's see, what would we normally call a woman so slovenly, so avaricious, so promiscuous........Ah yes, a slut - that's what we would call her. Do we have sluts anymore? Monica recounts the tale of her time in DC with bated breathlessness - she obviously views it as Monica's Big Adventure. There is no sense of wrongdoing, no shame, no remorse.

The Lewinskys are indeed one strange family. Shamelessness, or is it vulgarity, seem to grow on the family tree. Marcia Lewis reputedly helped her daughter pick out sexy lingerie for her trysts with the President. Dr. Lewinsky, who in former days would have challenged Mr. Clinton to a duel, saved his wrath for Ken Starr and Linda Tripp. One can picture them on a TV show, gleefully recounting every detail of their Monica's unacknowledged debasement at the hands of Bill Clinton.

The NOW discredited feminists should be holding Monica up as a beacon of the Left. She is surely the sexual revolution's finest moment. After all, how many other young women have the brass to flash their underwear at the boss? All in pursuit of meaningless sexual encounters with him and other men at the same time? Pregnancy, no problem - hey, unlimited abortion is why they're still standing with Bill. Indeed, Monica is a perfect icon for the feminists. They ought to put her picture in that big O in the middle of their logo.

And, let's see, what did Monica reap in her 15 minutes of fame? Initially, a great job promotion for a lowly intern; secondly a couple of mill for her book and TV appearances. Maybe she'll go on the talk show circuit, or perhaps host a show (Deviants Unlimited?) for more of the big bucks. Not bad for a couple of cigar tricks.

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