Featured Rightgrrl
Jennifer NAME: Jennifer King

AGE: 39

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Originally Independent, now die-hard Republican

HOBBIES: SCUBA diving, sailing, skiing, bodysurfing, vacationing with family

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: The duplicitiousness of the Democrats and the hypocrisy of the left.

POLITICIANS I'D VOTE FOR AGAIN: Steve Forbes, Ronald Reagan, George Bush


BOOKS I RECOMMEND: F. Carolyn Gaglia Brief on Feminism, Michael Medved's Hollywood Vs. America

FAVORITE MUSIC: Bob Marley, the Blues, Big Band, Classical

MY ASPIRATIONS: Would like to make a difference!

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: Partial Birth Abortion is a heinous crime, transporting children across state borders without their parent's consent to have medical procedures should be criminal.

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: Once one becomes educated, it is obvious that conservatism is the true basis for American society. Liberalism was an ill-advised blip of insanity in our country's history.

ROLL MODELS: Ronald and Nancy Reagan, for their unremitting fortitude against the constant barrage of personal attacks and intimations by the mainstream media. Margaret Thatcher, for more of the same. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, for putting her country first.

WEB PAGE: www.womeninscuba.com

E-MAIL: kingfish@ucnsb.net

I am a published journalist (mostly on SCUBA diving topics) and an author of book on beach diving. I am also the editor of SouthEast Volusia County Republican newsletter and the Executive Director, owner and grand pooh-bah of Women's SCUBA Association, organization set up to represent the women divers perspective.

I didn't start out as conservative - in fact (hiding head in shame) actually voted for Mr.Bill in '92. Upon hearing from friends that "he is a scumbag" I read everything written about the guy. I decided for myself that he "was a scumbag". I then embarked on serious mission to investigate the country's founding and the original intent of the Founders, and decided most of liberalism was a shabby front for the admitted failures of socialism. Having two children in school opened my eyes to the evils of revisionist history, the evils of mainstream feminism and the moral bankruptcy of the "counterculture". I then decided to broadcast my findings by publishing a newsletter and by becoming a Rightgrrl!

I have changed my opinion on abortion drastically over the last 10 years. I was a (as they say) card-carrying member of both Planned Parenthood and NOW in my 20's, and viewed these organizations as integral to my progression up the workplace ladder in a male dominated industry. Gradually, I began to see how the whole feminist agenda was actually harmful to women - the push towards getting women to act promiscuously leads straight down the path to disease, infertility and heartbreak. Women are much better off when they have a committed marriage and a family home in which to raise their children with the support and companionship of their husband. When women are married before engaging in sex - voila' the "need" for abortion just dried up.

This is why the feminists, whose REAL agenda includes the total undermining of the American patriarchal family and the dependence of single parent women upon the government, promote promiscuity and abortion.

When I started looking into the abortion issue more deeply, I saw how harmful it was to women and our society as a whole. Needless to say, I tore up my NOW and PP membership cards quite awhile ago, and I make a point of writing their sponsors and telling them how I am not going to buy any more of their products if they support these harmful-to-women organizations.

Anyway, I oppose abortion. I find the partial birth abortion particularly heinous - yet, from a moral or religious standpoint I am sure it is not viewed as a greater crime than a "regular" abortion. I do think that it is a good wedge issue that can bring home the horrors of infanticide to the general public.

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