Featured Rightgrrl
  NAME: Erin Hudson

AGE: 27

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Conservative Republican

HOBBIES: Reading, Surfing the Net and hanging out with friends to name a few.

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: The ever annoying Hollywood Left and other Friends of Bill!


FAVORITE MOVIE: Titanic and The Prince of Egypt. Both were incredible movies

BOOKS I RECOMMEND: Too many to list, but The Bible tops them all.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Mostly Christian Contemporary groups such as the Newsboys, DcTalk, Rebeccka St. James, and Philips Craig and Dean.

MY ASPIRATIONS: I finished my Bachelors Degree in December of 1996 and have just completed my teaching certificate. I hope to one day be teaching in a foreign country.

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: Abortion is dead wrong. It destroys children, hurts women and is a cancer on our society. Roe v. Wade is one of the worst decisions that the Supreme Court ever made.

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: I think conservatism provide common sense answers to real problems rather than try to bandage them over by offering "pain and consequence free" solutions that don't deal with the heart of the problem. This is so often the case with liberal policies and politicians.

ROLE MODELS & HEROS: Christians who live in countries where it is illegal to follow Jesus Christ.

WEB PAGE: http://members.tripod.com/~jeh123/index.html

E-mail: zaazuu@yahoo.com

I am a strong conservative pro-life women who makes no apologies for her beliefs and it is my desire to see pro-life women come out of the political closet at the national level as well as at the state level. Up until a couple years ago I had never heard of pro-life woman political leader. Now I am fortunate to come from Arizona, where the top 5 offices in the State are held by women, at least 1 of whom (Governor Jane Hull) is solidly pro-life (I am not sure about the others). What an incredible example to see pro-life women running for and winning public office. I hope to see more and more women standing up, running for office and saying a solid NO to legalized abortion.

Although many people accuse pro-lifers of not knowing what it is like to raise a child as a single mom, I feel I have come as close to this experience as I can without having to go through it myself. You see, I can still remember standing by the wet bar when my mom told me that my younger sister, who was sixteen at the time, was going to have a baby. I was in shock. What was going to happen to her? What would she decide were just some of the thoughts and fears that went through my head.

My parents told my sister that they would support her no matter what decision she made, however, abortion was never a viable option in her eyes. After looking at the options, she decided to raise her son at home with help of my parents. Although many people questioned her decision and told her she would not amount to anything if she kept the child, she completed high school and went on to study interior design in one of the most prestigious colleges at Arizona State University, finally graduating from College last may. All the while raising her son at home without the Father. She just recently married and moved into her own home with her husband. Her son Ricky celebrates his 7th birthday on Wednesday and he has proven to be the little brother that I never had. Throughout the holidays he has been thoroughly spoiled by several sets of Grandparents, and a whole group of Aunts and Uncles who know he is the greatest!

Some people say that my sister "is one of the lucky ones" and that the option she chose is not for everyone. While it is certainly true that some women, in far worse circumstances than my sister was in have no choice but to give up their children for adoption; I resent the implication that she just simply lucked out. The decision to raise her son at home was not easy and it involved a lot of sacrifices on her part as well as hard work for our family to make room for a new child in our lives. Furthermore, every child, no matter how dark the circumstances of their birth has a right to life that we as a society are obligated to honor. The fact that we don't is simply criminal.

Having said that, don't think for a minute that it was obligation that motivated my parents and my sister. Loving Ricky is a gift and a privilege and I feel for those who have had to give up their children for adoption due to circumstances. However, what having Ricky in our lives has taught us is that this society needs to make room for children rather than aborting them before they were born or causing the women who choose to have their children to suffer. We need to come beside women who are raising their children without fathers by increasing educational opportunities and support services and help those women who give up their babies for adoption. Making room for the children of single women will involve sacrifice and hard work as a society, but boy will it be worth it. Furthermore, children deserve it and the basic human right to life demands it.

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