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  Cheri NAME: Cheri Jackson

AGE: 31

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Republican, but I will vote for other parties if they have a proven track record supporting issues that I believe in.   

HOBBIES: I am the stereotypical housewife. I love to cook, sew, cross stitch, quilt, etc. I also love to go country dancing with my husband.   

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: Politicians who say one thing and do the opposite. Groups who turn their back on their own ideals in order to support the President, just because he says he is on their side. (i.e.. NOW)   

POLITICIANS I'D VOTE FOR AGAIN: I wasn't old enough at the time, but I would vote for Ronald Reagan in a heartbeat. Rep. Coburn (R-OK) Sen. Inhoff (R-OK) Sen. Nickles (R-OK)   

FAVORITE MOVIE It's hard to pick a favorite, but I love anything that will get the kids to sit down long enough for me to have an hour or so to get things done.   

BOOKS I RECOMMEND: The Bible, anything by Tom Clancy, Chicken Soup For the Mother's Soul (my husband bought this for me and I absolutely love it.   

FAVORITE MUSIC: I listen to just about anything but Rap, but mostly Country and Classic Rock (anything from the '60s through the '80s)   

MY ASPIRATIONS: To be the best mother I can be and to raise my children to be moral, upstanding adults.   

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: Abortion is never right, and don't even get me started on PBA.   

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: I think the bottom line for conservatism is to take responsibility for your own life and actions. Conservatives work for the things they need or want and don't expect anyone else to take care of them, especially the government. A true conservative believes in morality, and living a decent and moral life. Having a value system and standing up for it.   

ROLE MODELS & HEROES: I have different people I look to as role models for different aspects of my life. I look to my grandparents and parents as examples for marriage. Both couples went through very hard times and their marriages weren't always perfect, but they worked through their problems and are still married. (My grandparents for over 50 years and my parents for 32 years.) Others would have to be Linda Smith(she was just voted out of office but was a conservative Rep. from WA for four years, and also my mother's cousin), Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, and the Pastors of Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, WA.

E-MAIL: cheri_jackson@yahoo.com

WEB PAGE: Cheri's Conservative Corner

I am a conservative, pro-life, stay at home mom. I currently live in Aurora, CO but I am actually a resident of OK and grew up in Tacoma, WA. I spend most of my time raising three beautiful children and trying to teach them strong moral values. This isn't easy when I am constantly having to combat the feel-good, liberal drivel my 6 year old brings home from school. I believe that if the liberals are not stopped, they will eventually destroy our country. They have already done a lot of damage.   

I have been a conservative republican since before I was even old enough to vote. From my parents and at church, I learned to take responsibility for my own actions and to work for the things that I wanted. In my early teens I started paying attention to the news and disagreeing with the liberals. When Reagan was voted into office the first time, I celebrated. When he ran for re-election, I found myself wishing I was a year older so I could vote for him. I believe Ronald Reagan was the best president this country has had in recent years. We need another one like him.   

As an adult and a mother, seeing what liberalism is doing to families really saddens me. Abortion is destroying respect for life. Easy divorce and welfare make it far too easy to tear families apart. The "do whatever makes you feel good" philosophy of liberals is responsible for the greater part of the moral decline in our country today. If more parents would teach their children moral values and personal responsibility, there would be far less crime among our teenagers and young adults.

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