Are The Refugees Aiding Milosevic?

By Tenia Sheeley
Featured Rightgrrl March 1999
April 9, 1999

The refugees aiding Milosevic? How, you say?  Well, Milosevic wants Kosovo to be cleansed of all Albanians, right?  Well, he is getting what he wants with all the refugees fleeing Kosovo.

       Albanians and Serbian's don't speak the same language, have the same religious beliefs, or do they have the same history.  Kosovo is about the size of Connecticut, and in the little land they share, 90% of the population is Albanian.  Milosevic wants the country, Kosovo,  to be populated by Serbs only.  Now, keep in mind, only 10% of his land is Serbian.  So, he started a campaign against all the Albanians. Destroying villages, killing many Albanians and now with NATO bombing the country, all the Albanians are fleeing the country, to safer grounds.

    NATO allies, including America have offered their land, their time, their money  and their compassion to aid in Milosevic cause.   NATO does not agree with the slaughtering of all the Kosovar Albanians by Milosevic due to the ethnic cleansing, thus NATO started a war with Milosevic.  To get out of harms way, both from Milosevic and now the bombs from American planes, the Albanians are running away.  They won't be able to return to Kosovo, even after the bombings quit as long as Milosevic is in power.

    Milosevic wants to have Kosovo to be populated by all Serbian's, so he started ethnic cleansing, as he calls it.   Now, with all the Albanians fleeing for their lives, over crowding the surrounding countries, dying in overcrowded trains, being trampled, or dying from old age and not able to travel as well anymore, Kosovo is very rapidly becoming what he desires...Serbian. Granted, this is somehow a more humane way, he's not killing the Albanians, but the Albanians fleeing the country is getting the same thing accomplished.  How many Albanians stuck around Kosovo?  Not to many I would imagine, and I don't believe the Albanians will ever be allowed to go back to their homes, and if they do, will they feel at home again or will they feel uncomfortable in their homes? As long as Milosevic is in power, the Albanians won't be able to live in Kosovo, even if a "peace agreement" is reached.  Even if and when the "agreement" is reached,  there is no guarantee that Milosevic will adhere to it.   As it stands, the Yugoslav leadership declared a unilateral cease-fire in its battle against Kosovo rebels to mark Orthodox Easter, and NATO and American officials said the air raids would continue because the offer is not enough.

    This war in Kosovo is old, and it is not our business to interfere.  Wars over religion et all will never be able to be resolved in just a few weeks/months because the underlying cause is many years old.   The American bombings are not going to solve anything but will make Milosevic and the Serbian government angry.  They already have 3 of our soldiers, and have said they will release them after the attacks have stopped, but when will they be able to stop?   I really don't think Milosevic will change his ways any time soon.  The Serbs don't want America or the NATO in their business, but we are.   America needs to stop trying to solve the worlds problems and pay attention to our own.    How long before we have ground troops in Kosovo?  America is already opening Her doors to the refugees for "temporary" homes, in turn aiding Milosevic in his cause.  Will the bombings of Kosovo help to get the Albanians back home? No, the bombings are serving no other cause other than making Milosevic angry,  cause lots of damage, and we have already hurt civilians in Aleksinac, Yugoslavia with the bomb that hit the apartment killing 12 and wounding many others.

    So, nothing much is being accomplished with the bombings, and this war we are in.  The Albanians are leaving, giving Milosevic his dream, most likely aiding in creating a permanent "Albanian free" Kosovo.  NATO missiles are hitting innocent people because it may have "fallen short".  American soldiers are in unneeded danger,  and this whole situation is possibly leading us into a second "Vietnam war" situation.  Remember in that war, we lost over 600,000 lives, the soldiers were not welcomed home to kindly after the war,  the Vietnamese did not want us there, thus treated the soldiers unkindly, and in general...the Vietnam war was pointless for America to be involved in, and so is this war.

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