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  NAME: Eileen M. Ciesla

AGE: 27


I think the age of the Statesman has lamentably passed. But, I am cautiously optimistic that people of talent and vision will take it upon themselves to seek careers in government.  We need to lose our cynicism and rediscover our idealism.  Only then we will no longer be subjected to the escapes of those mediocre politicians who manage to slither up the government ladder.

I think Dan Quayle has gotten unnecessarily bad treatment by the press.  He has taken an unpopular and admirable position on many issues.  I would support his nomination.  I'd like to see Steve Forbes run for Governor of New Jersey.  I'd vote for George Bush Jr, if he gets the nomination.

I just finished reading Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Robert Bork.  It's an excellent assessment of the damage that liberalism has done since the Sixties.  Mainly, I read fiction. I loved The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and The English Patient by Michael Ondjaante.  Other favorites: Possession by A.S. Byatt, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.  My favorite writer is James Joyce.  And I enjoy the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska and William Butler Yeats.

I enjoy classical music, rock and jazz.  My favorites : J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Gabriel Faure, Chopin, Maurice Ravel, The Dave Matthews Band, REM, U2, Sting, Barenaked Ladies, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Though I studied to be an economist I am a writer at heart.  I've been writing since I was15 and fairly seriously for the past few years.  Recently I've begun seeking publication.  And I am happy to say I had my first essay, "On the Subtlety of Thongs" published in Enter Stage Right (enterstageright.com) in April.  In the same month, I also joined Right Magazine (rightmagazine.com) as a Senior Staff Writer.  Most recently one of my essays, "Ms. Magazine Rides and Rants Again" appeared in Rightgrrl.

I feel very strongly that people have come to expect the least from their popular entertainment.  We've accepted mediocrity.  This is especially true of women's and men's magazines! Nearly all of them contain nothing worth reading.

I thought it was time to change that.  So I began my own on-line magazine on popular culture:  Femme Soul (femmesoul.com) in March after reading a particularly disgusting issue of Cosmo.  The first issue is scheduled to debut in June.  I am hoping it becomes a place to discuss culture, politics, music, art and books and give writers a place to display their poetry and fiction.

I think conservatism is woefully misunderstood as the philosophy of close-mindedness.  It is the philosophy of freedom and rationality.  Conservatism is liberalism with sanity, morality and reason.

Abortion is simply violence.  People seem to have more feeling for the rights of a baby seal than for a growing human life. Viability of the fetus is not the issue. The seeds of life, when united form a unique entity, the essence of an individual. As intelligent beings we are bound to respect that. Human rights begin at the moment of a life's inception

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