Live Birth Abortion -- Murder Exposed

Maureen Bothe

Featured Rightgrrl May 1999
August 23, 2000

In April of 2000, Rep. Charles T. Canady introduced the "Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2000," H.R. 4292, to protect infants who survive abortion by giving them human rights. I am sure that any pro choicer would agree that "for purposes of federal law, an infant who is completely expelled or extracted from her mother and who is alive, is indeed a person under the law."

If you are a pro "choicer", why wouldn't you support this bill? If a woman goes in for an abortion and it ends up botched and the child survives and is expelled or taken from the mother's body, why would you then want it murdered? That equals infanticide to even the most staunch of pro abortion activists. It has been clearly noted by many a loud and insistent choicer that the "fetus" has no rights, but once it is born it's a person. They've decided this to be true. For you, for me, for all. This is the basis of their murder spree and excuse to act promiscuously and not take responsibility for their own choices.

In Partial Birth Abortion the "fetus" is expelled, but the head is left inside the birth canal. It is then punctured and the brain is removed. Only a few inches decide whether it is an abortion or murder one.

I've seen many pro choicers lament the girl who gave birth and then killed her baby. They supported strong jail terms, very harsh penalties and called her "evil" and "disgusting". Why? Because she chose to terminate the life of her baby? Because simply, the head of her baby was expelled. If she could have shoved a scissor into its brain before it was actually outside her body, it would be a fully protected action under the law.

Roe Vs. Wade left us with the Supreme Court admitting that they could not possibly decide or determine when life begins. So, Choicers ran with it and made the decision themselves. Was it their choice to make? You may want the choice to murder, but can you decide when life begins? How and why? What about the millions of women and men who don't think that life begins at birth? What if thought processes and goals are not part of their definition of a human being with value, worth and rights?

Many atheist and non Christian Choicers argue that Christians rely on the Bible for definitions of life. They say Christians should "think for themselves" and stop hiding behind the Bible. After all, it was written by old men a long time ago. Roe V Wade was decided by old men a long time ago.

Which would you rather: Believe in something a man wrote or believe in something a man wrote? You're not thinking for yourself any more if you're a liberal who shuns the teachings of the Bible than a Christian would be in your opinion for believing the Bible. Come on now.

If you say that Pro Lifers have no right to say that life begins at conception, what right do you have to say it doesn't? Obviously you have no concrete proof, or the Supreme Court would have reviewed it and come to a decision for all. That's what laws are, after all. And you do want to be a law-abiding citizen, don't you? No you don't. Pro Choicers have already said that women will end up going for illegal abortions if Roe V. Wade is overturned. Breaking the law? A criminal activity? I'm shocked.

Barring all arguments about when life begins, we still have Live Birth Abortions. The entire child is born, it breathes, it is no longer causing or part of a pregnancy. The pregnancy is over. But wait, the mother wanted it dead! What to do, what to do? You murder the child (just like our friend in the prom bathroom), reasoning that it wasn't good enough, you didn't want it, it got in the way of your plans by daring to survive.

Congratulations! You have just taken a human life, equal to that of any other (because as the Constitution says --and we know how liberals love to cite the Constitution-- "all men are created equal").

There's no getting out of this one for Choicers. If they do not show 100% support for "Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2000," H.R. 4292 they are exposed as the barbaric and selfish murderers they have always been. There's no hiding on this one. You won't be able to say that the baby was murdered because it had Down's Syndrome or because it had Spina Bifida etc. It's born. It's a person. It has rights.

That's what Choicers have been shouting for decades. It's time for them to eat their words.

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