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  Maureen NAME: Maureen A. Bothe

AGE: 26

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Democrat (at the moment, but have been right to life for a few years)

HOBBIES: writing, working on my websites, playing the guitar

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: Liberals who automatically discount anything a conservative says simply because it is a conservative view

FAVORITE MOVIE: Au Revoir les enfants/Searching For Bobby Fischer

BOOKS I RECOMMEND: "The Outsiders" by SE Hinton (a youth's book, but much can be learned from it), "Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever" by Judge Judy, "Succulent Wild Woman" by Sark.

FAVORITE MUSIC: "Alternative/new wave" i.e. REM, Alanis, Tori Amos

MY ASPIRATIONS: To someday win a Pulitzer Prize, be a healthy and respected author

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: When I was young I saw a PBS program called NOVA on tv. One episode of this series, which dealt with science, was about the reproductive system of human beings. It showed a sperm and an egg, and stated that when the two united, a new life began. This life, in that very moment of unity contained genetic blueprints and information on the brand new person, enough to fill not only one book, but about 26 SETS of encyclopedias!! This image never left me, and I have since wondered who we have lost to abortion. The woman who would have cured AIDS? The man who would make the nations first black President? Someone who would do something extraordinary with their precious life that would change the world forever? What has been the cost? I do not understand how a woman could think of her own flesh and blood as an intruder, something she needs to get rid of to get on with her "life". How callus! I am a strong advocate of prevention. Abstain. Masturbate. Use birth control. Be informed. Say NO when you want to. You have that right. Too many women feel sex is their "duty" to keep a boyfriend, find a husband, feel good about themselves or be accepted by their peers. Where are all of these people when the woman needs that abortion? Abortion is not a band-aid. It is a surgical procedure, and every time one is performed the woman's life is at risk. I think women need to be informed, and liberals could very well be responsible for many women's deaths by not wanting the real truth to be told about the risks of abortion, and the emotional and physical aftermath after a successful one. Most liberals seem to fight for the abortion and forget the woman.

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: I just can't see life any other way. Being conservative always felt "right" (pardon the pun!:). I don't consider myself narrow minded or blindly led, like many liberals like to say I am, simply because I don't subscribe to the "popular" belief of today. It seems that many women (and men) are downright afraid to be anything but liberal. Liberal is acceptable, while conservatives are labeled (Something liberals are against, except when they do it)"radical", "closed-minded" and "intolerant". I figure, I respect others, but I don't have to bow down to them to show it. Conservatives are also called "prudes" and "puritanical", as well as "uptight" and "preachy". I resent being stereotyped and will not stand for it. Just because I do not like to see naked women being used like cheap pieces of meat to sell products and services doesn't make me a prude. I think it makes me a caring woman, who would like to see other women in positions of powerful self respect. Get off your knees, ladies!

ROLE MODELS & HEROES: Tori Amos for her courage in being who she is, without excuse or apology. Whoopi Goldberg for her humour and attitude.

E-MAIL: maureenbo@ibelieve.com

WEB PAGE: http://www.borovnia.com/mysticdreams

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