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  NAME: Sass Seagal

AGE: Just shy of 35

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Still floundering. Canadian politics makes me sigh sometimes. I hear Michael Moriarty wants to create a Canadian Republican Party, and elect a woman Prime-Minister. Add that to Preston Manning's wanting to create yet another Party to unite the divided right... what does a gal do?

The best description of my Political Affiliation could be described as "Liberal" Conservative. While important to maintain morals and traditions, I feel it is also important not to forget that there are people involved here... not just ideals and goals.

HOBBIES: In the spare time I'd like to have *L*, my hobbies include writing children's stories, poetry and prayers; dried floral arranging, gardening and learning all the computer geek stuff :-)

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: Those that think abortion should be left out of Politics. If a Politician can't take a stand on an issue as basic as the right to life... how can that same Politician be trusted to make sound decisions in other areas that affect life?

FAVORITE MOVIE: My favorite movie is any movie that can make me feel like I was part of it. I do think the Titanic was a great movie, despite all those that call it "drivel". The movie was successful in getting me to feel the pain and sorrow of the real life people that experienced the disaster, and on that level, I call it a success. The scene in which the mother is cradling her crying child and tells the baby, "it'll all be over soon", is example of that. As a mother, I instantly relate to the real life pain of those parents as they knew they could not spare their children the horror of what was to happen. For me, the movie didn't just tell a phony love story, it made real those many lives that were lost that night. If a movie can do that for me, it becomes a favorite, and deserving of a critique that gets past the "drivel" that so many obviously cannot see past.

BOOKS I RECOMMEND: Currently, much of my reading consists of books that deal with ADHD, and other parenting issues. I do however, enjoy a good "Chicken Soup" book to lift my spirits on occasion. A favorite from the past, is Papillon and the sequel Banco. But then again, I have three children and a list of volunteer positions to keep up, so who has time to read?

FAVORITE MUSIC: I truly do like all kinds of music, in the right setting. The Barenaked Ladies, The Blasters, Roch Voisine, K.D. Lang, Faith Hill, Lorie Morgan, Rod Stewart, and Celine Dion are some that I'll turn up the volume for.

MY ASPIRATIONS: To live in such a way that my children know I loved them with all that I am, that they can always be proud of me knowing that I stood for something and taught them well. To live so that others may see that it's not what you came from or what you were, but what you strive to become, and how you treat others that matters.

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: Abortion is wrong. It never ceases to amaze me that despite the benefits of science and technology that show us the fetus is indeed a human person, we are still battling the arguments that the unborn are "choices" and not children; parasites and not people. In a word... ridiculous.

ROLE MODELS & HEROES: Jesus, Mary, and some of you here, are my role models. I don't believe in the typical "heroes". I find that often, if we look hard enough, "heroes" are all around us, everyday... and we fail to see them. Some of my everyday heroes are my husband and children, two or three very special teachers that have graced the lives of my children, my mother and my best friend. With all that for inspiration... I have no need to look to the "famous".

COMMENT: I want to take this opportunity to address those that skim over the Rightgrrl site, perhaps read a bio or two, and then post hateful comments in the guestbook.

I can't say I agree with all the opinions and comments on this site, but I agree with and support many of them. Rightgrrl to me, is about people standing up for morals and common decency. People wanting to be responsible, and take responsibility... something sorely lacking in these days of "if it feels good and it's what you want, it must be right".

Carolyn and Stephanie have accomplished something I am proud to be associated with, and something that deserves at least an honest attempt at reading before one is critical. It is painfully obvious that some of the hateful comments that are directed at all of those who participate here, are based on one or few of the opinions or comments here. That is sad, but not for us... for the reader that has missed out on the many and varied opinions and thoughts that exist on this wonderful site. And they call us bigoted?

Thank you then, to Carolyn and Stephanie, for providing such an intelligent and informative gathering of responsible individuals. The opportunity for many of us to broaden our own horizons while taking part in this effort is one I know I appreciate more than they could possibly realize. Rightgrrl is destined for greatness, and I'm honored to be a part of it.

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