Featured Rightgrrl
  NAME: Kimmy Wilson

AGE: 32


POLITICAL PET PEEVE: TV political commentators! I'd vote for George Bush again. Yes, I know he blew it but compared to Bill Clinton Papa Bush suddenly looks pretty darn good! Favorite movies: Sense and Sensibility and Shaft. Books: Return to Modesty by Wendy Shallit, What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us by Danielle Crittendon

MUSIC: Pucinni opera, Gregorian chant, Mozart AND R&B, hip hop and rap

ASPIRATIONS: To be the best wife I possibly can be and to get my book published!

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: This is the great lie of our age. Two generations of women have been told that in order to be free they must kill their babies, risk their lives and health--women still get hurt and some still die from in even the nicest looking abortion clinics--and pretend to feel nothing afterwards. I've often wondered why feminist insist that in order to be free a woman must first destroy the fruit of her womb.

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: I used to be a little radical. Then two things happened. I grew up and went to work. There is nothing like real life to teach you the value of conservatism. I feel that government should be limited and that individuals are responsible for their lives, actions and fates. Without realizing it I was a conservative even as a kid.

ROLE MODELS: My mother, Mother Teresa and Margaret Thatcher.

E-MAIL: wilsonhope@aol.com