Featured Rightgrrl
  NAME: Kitty Testa

AGE: 39 (as of 4/18/99)


HOBBIES: Composing and recording music, playing the piano, trivia games, coaching Odyssey of the Mind, a creative competition for school children

POLITICAL PET PEEVE: James Carville--need I say more?



BOOKS I RECOMMEND: "All The Trouble in the World" by PJ O'Rourke; "In Pursuit of Reason", a biography of Thomas Jefferson by Noble E. Cunningham, Jr.; "The De-Valuing of America" by William J. Bennett

FAVORITE MUSIC: I've been a musician since the age of 10, and I love all styles, especially hybrid styles, blends of classical and jazz, country and calypso, etc. I have fun listening to everything from Mozart to The Spice Girls.

MY ASPIRATIONS: To use my sense of humor to advance conservative ideals, to be a good role model for my four children

MY TAKE ON ABORTION: Ultimately I would like to see abortion illegal with the exceptions for rape and impending danger to the mother's life. I do not believe that such is an immediate political reality. We need to get back on the partial birth abortion ban, and work our way closer to conception. We need to engage the philosophical discussion as well as the political one. I do believe it is realistic to achieve a ban on 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions within the next 5-10 years. We need to remember that this is the slavery issue of our day, and that in the distant future our efforts will be honored just as we honor those who stood up and worked to abolish slavery over 100 years ago.

MY TAKE ON CONSERVATISM: Conservatism is a having a bad hair day, but only because the hurricane we call the mainstream media works damn hard to keep conservatism tousled. The Right could use a makeover. Positive talking heads (such as Kelley Ann Fitzpatrick) are a step in the right direction. Conservatism is inherently good for all Americans, regardless of sex, race or social class. That's the message we need to trumpet.

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WEB SITE: www.rightturnonly.com/

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