Uh oh! We Made Someone Mad!

By Carolyn Gargaro
Rightgrrl Co-Founder
February 15, 1999

A little background:
There is a link to Rightgrrl on the Cybergrrlz web page. The editor of the site is a bright and witty - liberal! You should see us in the newsgroup alt.politics.rightgrrl - Stephanie and I are always arguing politics with her! :-) She, however, appreciated the Rightgrrl site, even with her differing political view, and added Rightgrrl's link. We gladly returned the favor.

One of the Cybergrrlz readers though, didn't seem to have the same appreciation for Rightgrrl, and submitted her thoughts to the Cybergrrlz Hit Me section. Following is my response. (I placed the original article in italics)
Will Hustler Be Next?
By Guess_Who

My first reaction was to say, "screw CyberGrrlz, there are so many other sites that I can participate in!" But after a while I calmed down and I'm still coming here,

I'm glad that "Guess_Who" calmed down and did not choose to leave Cybergrrlz simply because the editor is open-minded and links to a site that "Guess_Who" does not like.

but I have to say I'm still pissed off. I'm referring to the link in the Links & Awards page to a site called RightGirl. I don't know how long that link has been there, but I just stumbled upon it and decided to take a gander. If you're looking for well-designed and pretty colors and that kinda crap, yeah visit it.

Thanks for the layout compliment.

But the best reason to visit it is if you're looking for articles that are narrow-minded, stupid, and insulting to anybody with an IQ over 50.

Well, I'm sorry she doesn't feel our articles are well-written. The "insulting to anybody with an IQ over 50" is a rather surprising comment though. Since the founders of Rightgrrl have been asked to appear on MSNBC as well as various radio talk shows, and many of the Rightgrrls have had their works published in newspapers and magazines, (in fact, one of our featured Rightgrrls is a columnist for the Seattle Times) I have to wonder if "Guess_Who" is implying that the people in the mainstream media all have IQ's under 50?

This is a site that celebrates Linda Tripp.

Rightgrrl "celebrates" justice, fairness, and the law, and when we saw someone who we believe is being vilified for refusing to break the law, we decided to speak out. I gather that "Guess_Who" wouldn't be interested in placing a "Support Linda Tripp" icon on her web page...

I mean, if anything demonstrates how blind people can get, this is it. That pile of vomit

Pile of vomit? This is amazing! I thought only "mean conservatives" called people names.

(Tripp) is supported simply because she caused Clinton's troubles.

Untrue. Anyone who takes more than 30 seconds to read the Linda Tripp site will know exactly why we are supporting her.

In every respect this woman's actions were despicable and illegal.

While 40 states do allow the taping of phone conversations, it is true that Maryland is one of the few which does not allow such taping. However, if one is not aware of the law when the taping occurs, then usually the person is not considered guilty of the crime. Usually ignorance of a law is not a defense, however, the Maryland phone taping law is an exception to this rule. (I have verified this with lawyers) As it is, there is an investigation going on right now regarding the taping. However, this does not negate the fact that Linda Tripp was being told that she MUST lie under oath, and that she was protecting herself. We also have to wonder how much "Guess_Who" knows about the case. Judging from her knee-jerk reaction to the Rightgrrl web site, I gather she might have had the same knee-jerk, "let's jump on the Tripp hating bandwagon" reaction to Linda Tripp. I wonder if she knows that Linda Tripp was being told that she must lie under oath about Kathleen Wiley? I wonder what "Guess_Who" would do if she was asked to lie under oath? I wonder if she would try and tell people about what she knew without evidence, when she had already been pegged as a liar by Clinton's lawyer? I wonder what "Guess_Who" thinks about the White House vilification of Katheleen Wiley, Linda Tripp, and any other woman who dares to speak out? Perhaps "Guess_Who" will entertain us with another article about Rightgrrl, and will address some of these issues.

Conservative women worry about what to tell their children about Clinton's actions, but a better question is how will they explain their support for that despicable woman? How can this country be in the best shape in most everyone's lifetime, and yet Bill Clinton deserves zero credit for it, and has zero redeeming qualities?

We never state that Clinton deserves zero credit. After all, he has worked with the Republican congress and has done a pretty good job of adopting many of their ideas.

Yet, according to those women that's the case. Further, they think Democrats are all useless, and all liberals are the anti-Christ.

Now this is rather funny, especially since some of our supporters are liberals who happen to agree with us on certain issues, such as our pro-life stance. I can't seem to locate the reference to the "anti-Christ" on the site either. But perhaps "Guess_Who" just becomes overly annoyed at anyone who doesn't agree with her, and she begins to hallucinate and see these words on our site?

All I can say is those women are paranoid. Wait till Gore becomes President

Or Elizabeth Dole :-)

and the Democrats take over the House. Then they're gonna freak out. In many ways, I hope you girls go visit that "out-house" of a website so you can see conservatism for what it is -- a narrow-minded, selfish, arrogant collection of ideas, most of them as flawed as communism.

Wow! That was certainly a sentence jam-packed with adjectives. Yet, I don't see a wealth of opinions that are substantiated by facts.

Yet, somebody saw fit to link to it.

Yes - somebody did. Somebody who doesn't agree with our politics, (just check out our newsgroup, alt.politics.rightgrrl, for the lively debate!) but who respects our differing opinions.

What's next Jennifer, a link to Hustler magazine's website?

So now Rightgrrl is similar to pornography? I gather that "Guess-Who" isn't a Larry Flynt fan? I wonder if she appreciated our articles about Larry Flynt's recent actions? :-)

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