Who are the Real Radicals?

by Jennifer King
Featured Rightgrrl December 1998
November 09, 1998

When Nikita Kruschuv banged his shoe on the table and declared, "We shall destroy you from within" during the infamous "Kitchen Debate" - he knew what he was talking about.

There is a famous parable, in which an American family of the 1950's is suddenly deposited in America, circa 1998. Violent criminal offenses have exploded upward by 700%. Premarital sex among 18 year olds has jumped from 30% of the population to 70%. Tax rates for a family of four have skyrocketed 500%, consuming a fourth of their income. Divorce rates have quadrupled. Illegitimate births among black Americans has soared - from approximately 23% to more than 68%. Illegitimacy itself has jumped from a nationwide total of 5% to nearly 30% nationwide - a rise of 600%. Cases of sexually transmitted diseases have risen 150%. Teen age pregnancies are up by several thousand percent and teen suicides have risen by 200%. Between 1950 and 1979 - serious crime committed by children under 15 has risen by 11,000%. Our typical American family of the 1950's, finding their society in hopeless disarray, flees back to the 1950's - posthaste!

Most Americans would agree that our society has changed for the worst over the last 30 years. Pundits have discussed the obvious failures and expense of the New Deal and Great Society programs adopted by FDR and LBJ, but they argue that our current situation is an unfortunate, unforeseen consequence. This is naive. Enlightenment arises when one reads the writings of a 1920's era socialist, Antonio Gramsci.

The socialists are still sure that a true Earthly Utopia can be arrived at through collectivism and redistribution of wealth. Gramsci theorized that the average citizen of the West would never voluntarily embrace the "revolution" and reject their own faith and culture. Therefore, the citizens of the West must be systematically demoralized by the erosion and destruction of their culture from within. Mass media would be slowly transformed from a news gathering device to a tool of subtle propaganda. In place, it would encourage the demise of education, history, traditional heroes and religion. The loss of a common culture would result in immorality, rising crime and the seperation of people into small subgroups. According to Gramsci, the next phase would be the installation of totalitarian control when the people would cry out for an end to the chaos.

Interestingly enough, Gramsci's plan was somewhat implemented during the 1930's, in Nazi Germany. The Germans, wracked during the 1920's by inflation and instability, elected Hitler. Hitler confiscated the guns of the populace and divided the people by blaming various groups for Germany's troubles. In an act of stunning audacity, SS thugs burned the Reichstag and then blamed the Communists - allowing Hitler to grab still more authoritarian control. We all know what happened next.

America's founders were men who were highly educated in Western thought and philosophy. They founded this country under strong Judeo-Christian tenets. In order to undermine this culture, the populace would have to be taught to discard Biblical teachings and mores. How was this done?

Paganism, animism and gnosticism (New Age) belief systems were promoted. Humanism reigned supreme. While the people were debauching under the "sexual revolution" and "drugs as enlightenment" movements, American culture was taking a revisionist beating. The Founders, our schoolchildren are still taught, were nothing more than rascist, sexist, evil white male overlords. The Puritans weren't heroic settlers, seeking freedom of religion - no, now they're Evil White European Invaders squatting on the Noble Native American's land and giving them all syphyllis, to boot. The "melting pot" gave way to the "salad bowl", which is even now giving way to the "individual condiment jars sitting side by side on the same tray" theory.

Our movies, TV shows and pop music continue to mock traditional American values, patriotism and the family. Christians come in for special contempt - derided as "fascist", "oppressive", "totalitarian" and blamed for the murders of gays and abortion doctors. Feminists, unbelievably, still stand behind serial harasser Bill Clinton - sacrificing their credibility on the alter of partial birth abortion. Black "leaders" spew outrageous rhetoric about conservatives, and stop just short of exhorting blacks to riot if the Republicans win elections. Republicans, proposing to balance the budget and streamline big government, are denounced as "hating gays, hating women, hating minorities and hating the environment". Ridiculous and hysterical, to be sure, but dutifully reported by the mainstream media. Interesting that a recent March for Justice, comprised of 5000 people who want to fight corruption in our government and uphold our Constitution was not. But, they're conservatives.

Interesting, also, that "right wing" and "fascist", although misused deliberately for political reasons, essentially describe the same type of regime as "left wing", "socialist" and "communist". NAZI was an acronym for National Socialists. Hitler and Stalin were both socialist monsters who favored strong, central federal control.

Orwell was right. The agenda is exposed, for those who will open their eyes. The core of the Democratic Party is an extremist one - the radical, religious left. After all, there is no proof that a leftist/socialist/fascist/communist philosophy works. It has failed in every regime that has tried it. The only thing that keeps it going is a religious "faith" that somehow it will work, if only enough money is thrown at it. James Carville has come out and proclaimed the effort to save Bill Clinton and savage Ken Starr a "war". Indeed it is to the extreme radical religious left. This is why they lie to their own constitutents - this is why they scare black voters with outrageous and bigoted election eve commercials - this is why they can't fairly discuss the issues and instead resort to lying, distortion and actual voter fraud in order to maintain their status.

The radical religious left is hysterical, because they have come so far in 30 years, only to see a tidal wave of conservative, increasingly savvy middle Americans rising up to take back their country from the Sociocrats. They left's anxiety results from the fact that their indoctrination hasn't worked that effectively, and it has been blown out of the water by the unbiased news available through talk radio and the Internet.

The Democratic Party has been exposed as the one on the fringe: supported by radical, men-hating feminists, militant gays pushing their indoctrinist agenda and goofy "green" types who want to abolish private property rights and the internal combustion engine. The Democratic Party has even become the party of the rich - Clinton, while attending only 2 Cabinet meetings this year, has found the time to attend 102 Fundraisers - mostly among the Hollywood crowd, who keep supplying us with anti-American rhetoric, glorified drugs, violence and casual sex.

Now, what are we going to do about it?!

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