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Melanie NAME: Melanie Schurr
AGE: 36
Wife and mother first, free-lance writer/columnist secondly. I am a former Conservative columnist for the Colorado Daily newspaper in Boulder, Colorado, and currently a contributing columnist/writer for Home Times News in W. Palm Beach, Florida, The Christian Response Newsletter, Colorado Christian News, and Daily Wisdom, an on-line devotional sponsored by the Gospel Communications Network. I have also written articles on parenting and childcare for ParentLife, Atlanta Parent/Atlanta Baby, The LookOut, and various regional publications.

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Conservative and staunchly pro-life.

PAST: I understand Liberals better than they think because, for the most part, I used to live that life and hold a similar philosophy. Don't tell me about "My body, My choice" (pro-abortion slogan) because I bought into that lie many years ago and am now left to deal with the pain of a past abortion. We can argue about women's rights until the cow's come home, but don't try to convince me that abortion is not murder.

Since I can remember, God has always been an important force in my life - even though I may have turned my back on Him a few times too many. Being married (for 12 years) and having children (ages 10 & 11) changed me a lot. I believe it was at this time that I realized there was more to life than just MY needs, MY desires and the consequences for MY actions. Being a mother made me see the evils and dangers in the world, and I wanted better for my children. The Conservative platform represented exactly how I felt (and still feel). I don't know if my writing will make a difference, but at least I can go to bed at night knowing I tried to make a difference.

Liberalism: What greatly bothers me about Liberalism is it tends to be a very selfish, moral-less and irresponsible philosophy. Regarding social issues, there seems to be no rights or wrongs - everything is 'relative' based on each individuals choices. This is very dangerous to a society, and it is for this reason that crime has increased, the family unit has disintegrated, God is often frowned upon, killing babies is ok, etc.

HOBBIES: Writing, researching at the library, using the internet, Bible study and spending time with my best friend - my husband, and my children. I love to (modern) dance, but hardly have the opportunity to do so. I recently joined a gym to shed some unwanted pounds, and I discovered that I enjoy aerobics and working out with weights. Who would have thought?

BAD HABITS: Picking my nose. (ha, ha! I couldn't resist that one!) Seriously, I have a few bad habits that I am trying to work on. These are: impatience, sometimes shy, and bad eating habits.

Favorite TV show: Bob Enyart Live (LeSEA Broadcasting). If you don't have it in your city, it's worth calling your local station and requesting it. If you like Rush Limbaugh, you'll LOVE Bob Enyart!

FAVORITE MUSIC: I like many types of music - old rock (70's -80's), some new rock, classical, Broadway musical hits, etc. But, I just could never warm up to jazz and country.

FEMINISM: I do not prefer the title "feminist" because feminism today promotes many ideas which I do not support (see article below).

I have always enjoyed my female-ness, and I do not feel that being a female demands one not to reach their full potential - spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. I am very secure with who I am.

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Melanie's Article:
Feminists, big business show moms no respect

"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking marriage" - —feminist spokeswoman, Sheila Cronen

Ask any red-blooded American female if she supports equality for women, and you will most definitely receive an affirmative response.

At one time, this was the sole philosophy of the women's movement—one which could be respected. Women fought long and hard to ensure they could partake of the same rights and freedoms as men. "Equal pay for equal work," was a slogan with which not even a man could argue.

Obviously, it is impossible to eradicate all prejudice and discrimination; but for the most part, women have accomplished the goals they set out to achieve. But instead of patting ourselves on the back, the women's movement has shifted gears, taking on the doctrine of extreme liberalism. While feminist groups in the forefront, such as the National Organization for Women, purport to represent the interest of the majority, statistics reveal otherwise.

A recent poll conducted by People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group, found that 74 percent of those polled said they would be very likely to support a political candidate whose top priority was returning to traditional moral values. This revelation is quite astounding, since radical feminist ideology typically seeks to eradicate traditional moral ideals.

The New York Times revealed at least 30 to 40 percent of NOW members are lesbian or bisexual. Patricia Ireland, head of NOW, publicly declared that she is not only married to a man, but also resides with another female. Did feminists think less of Ireland or shun her lifestyle? To the contrary. Members called her a visionary for having the courage to fight convention!

Given this information, it is no wonder NOW affiliates are focused on two major issues: lesbian rights and abortion rights. What more fitting issues in which to declare women's emancipation from men?

In their book "Sappho was a Right-On Woman," authors Abbot and Love confirm the interdependent relationship between women's liberation and lesbianism. Likewise, chapters on lesbianism were included in the first four feminist anthologies: Sisterhood Is Powerful, Women's Liberation: Blueprint for the Future, The New Woman, and Woman in Sexist Society. Writer D. Webster Cory, author of "The Lesbian in America," relays: "One must ask whether lesbianism is a wail of protest against masculine domination."

Every handbook on feminism I've read from 1978 is little more than a litany of blame-placing complaints about how men have kept us from advancing in our careers, why men seek to keep women barefoot and pregnant, why God isn't a man, etc. How much longer will it take for women to realize we hold the key to our own destiny?

The contributions women have made in science, medicine, sports and the arts were accomplished because these women had the intelligence and courage to look forward, not dwell on the woes of the past.

Radical feminists rightly acknowledge that women are not advancing to high positions in the workplace. This fact is not a direct result of male chauvinism or discrimination, but quite simply, the result of having children. As long as females are the only gender able to give birth, women must continue to face the dilemma of juggling career and raising decent, law-abiding children.

Clearly, the way in which one deals with this situation is a very personal decision. Whether one chooses career over motherhood, part-time job over full-time career, juggling the two, or making motherhood a. career, all women must be supported in their choice.

Sadly, this is not occurring.

Radical feminists make it quite clear that females who are content in making motherhood and the home a sole career choice are taking steps in the wrong direction and are oppressed.

What I don't understand is how can this option be oppressive when it is not forced upon a woman, but rather, purposely sought out by millions who regard this role as honored?

Extreme feminists are not the only ones guilty of failing to recognize the significance and societal worth of motherhood. Of all the industrialized nations, America has the worst policies regarding child care and family leave in the workplace. If we, as women, cannot see the value of family and motherhood, should we really expect the support of big business?

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