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Debbie Deborah Lundgren
Age: 37
I am a mother of 3 boys 14, 10 and 7. I have a wonderful husband of 15 years. I work for the Embassy Suites Hotel in the banquet dept. I also help my husband run his small business. I am going to school part time to learn computer repair.

Politically: I am a conservative women with some libertarian leanings. I am pro life, pro family. I have a strong Christian upbringing. I fought the fight in 1996 in the Washington State area to help bring 5 of our 6 Republican Freshman congress people back to office. Hobbies: Being on a personal crusade against liberalism. Esp. in our local schools. Learning computer repair and cooking. I also enjoy watching my boys play for their football teams.!! I am not a soccer mom, i am a football mom.

Music: I have to say I like alot of the new stuff but my heart and button pushing finger seems to end up on classic rock stations, basically 70's rock!!! I do try to keep an open mind about music, i remember my parents thinking Alice Cooper was satanic. But what is this Mosh pit stuff?????

Bad habits: Well, really only have a few, really!! I spend much to much time playing online and I shop even when I dont need anything. I drink way too much Diet Pepsi. Thats it. See aren't I awful? Favorite Tv shows: The Simpsons, Homer is great!! I miss Rush's Tv show. I also like the Twilight Zone and X-files

E-mail: dittohead@kendra.com
Web Page: Deb's Excellent Political Page!

Debbie's Article on Personal Responsibility - a Rightgrrl Exclusive!
Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility, it sounds so simple, so logical and so natural. Too bad, so many in our society have forgotten exactly how it works. Its easy just take responsibilty for yourself, your actions and your life!!! From the law suits on tobacco companies to wellfare. From the drunk that killed someone and the bartender gets sued, to spilling hot coffee on yourself and sueing the person who sold you the coffee . Of course there are injustices in the world and sometimes bad things happen to good people, but I think if everyone would just concentrate taking care of their own, this world we be a better place.

Some people might call me cruel or harsh. Some people may say I can't make those judgements until I have walked in that persons shoes. Well I have walked in my own shoes. I have had hard lumps in my life, like many of us in the real world. The difference is, I never blamed others or expected others to help me. I fought each battle alone or with my family and friends. My parents died when I was 19, at 22 I almost lost my husband in a car accident, kids where drag racing and put him in a coma. Real life and real life problems! My own experiences have taught me that its not the government that is going to solve these problems, its me. In fact I would have a better life if the government would stay out of it more.

One example is welfare, people often say welfare is necessary, its a safety net. I understand that there are some people that truly need help but I can't see any reason in the world where anyone needs to be on the dole for over a few months. I have lived in several parts of this country and have always been able to find some kind of work. Not always glamorous, not always big money but I am not to proud to work hard for my family. I think people of today have forgotten those values. They say, I can make more on welfare then I can going to work so why bother. Maybe personal responsibility is just old fashion, maybe it is not pc but I know one thing. I can't think of anyone or anything that can do better for you then you!! Sitting back waiting for some one to save you and fix all your woes in insane.

The law suits on tobacco companies in another prime example of not taking responsibilty for your own actions. We as adults are all fully aware of the dangers involved in smoking. It is a personal choice and we know its a chance we are taking every time we light up. To later become sick and blame others is again insane. No one forced you to light that smoke. You made the choice , you should deal with the consequences. In the state I live in "Washington" the bartenders in this area have to take a 6 hour course called "tips" (this is in addition to all the other licenses and training.). It teaches you how to spot a drunk. It also teaches you that if you serve some one a drink and they go kill someone, you the bartender can and will be found liable. When did it become my job to babysit you when you drink. When the government stepped in and said it is. Imagine, you are not capable to say I can't drink another because I have to drive. Its up to me to make you angry and tell you no more or I can be faced with a lawsuit.

It's almost laughable how we are going to these extremes and it is laughable to see what extremes we are going through to protect ourselves. The other day, my sons birthday present was a bat man outfit. Stamped in big red letters on the cape it read "warning, wearing cape does not enable wearer to fly". I am sure that was put there for no other reason then to protect them from lawsuits. We have all seen the bucket warnings. It has a picture of a baby with its head in the bucket with a big red circle and slash through it, to tell us we shouldn't allow babies to put there heads in buckets full of water. How far must it go! I dont know, but I do know I will continue to take responsibilty for myself as long as I am able. I sure hope you do to.

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