The report alleges five counts of lying under oath, four counts of obstructing justice, one count of tampering with a witness and one count of abusing his constitutional authority by “lying to the public and the Congress in January 1998 about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

Count One: Perjury. Prosecutors allege that Clinton lied in his civil deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case when he denied having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
     Prosecutors include graphic material to support this count, including details of sexual acts allegedly performed by Clinton and Lewinsky, to support their claim that the president lied when he said their relationship did not meet the definition of sexual relations in the Jones case.
     Count 2: Perjury. Prosecutors claim that Clinton lied again when he repeated that testimony before a federal grand jury on Aug. 17.
     Count 3: Perjury. Prosecutors say Clinton lied again in the Jones civil case deposition when asked whether he had ever been alone with Lewinsky and what he allegedly told her to do with gifts he had given her.
     Count 4: Perjury. Prosecutors cite another example where Clinton allegedly lied in the Jones case.
     Count 5: Obstruction of Justice. Prosecutors charge that Clinton obstructed justice in the Jones case, and cite his activities relating to collecting gifts he had given Lewinsky.
     Count 6: Obstruction of Justice. Prosecutors tie this allegation to Clinton’s answers in the Jones case, when he was asked about his involvement with Lewinsky’s affidavit, in which she denied a relationship with the president.
     Count 7: Perjury. This charge is in connection with Clinton’s deposition in the Jones case when he was asked about the issue of whether he helped Lewinsky in her job search, and what the reasons for helping her were.
     Count 8: Perjury. Clinton is accused of lying in the Jones case about his role in Lewinsky’s job search.
     Count 9: Obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering. This section is related to what Clinton allegedly told Currie.
     Sources tell ABCNEWS that in this count, prosecutors lay out a scenario in which Clinton called Currie almost immediately after he left his lawyer’s office on Jan. 17, after being questioned by Jones’ lawyers, and the next day, gave Currie talking points in case she were called.
     The report also says that in that meeting with Currie, the president allegedly asked her if she had been able to contact Lewinsky yet.
     Count 10: Obstruction of Justice. Prosecutors charge that during his testimony in front of the grand jury, Clinton refused to answer several questions.
     Count 11: Abuse of Constitutional Authority. This likely relates to Clinton’s many claims of executive and attorney-client privilege, which kept prosecutors from bringing witnesses to the grand jury.