Waco: Only One Credible Source Left

By Linda A. Prussen-Razzano

Featured Rightgrrl April 1999
September 14, 1999

By the time the Mount Carmel facility in Waco burned on April 19, 1993, the airwaves were full of rhetoric. There is no question that blood had already been shed. Four federal agents were dead and 16 agents were injured during gunfire with the Davidians. This is indisputable; their deaths and injuries were unnecessary, indefensible, and tragic.

Obviously certain members of the Mount Carmel group needed to be brought to justice. Nevertheless, the Spin Machine that went into effect branded every member of the group with the same condemning mark. Cult, bunker, suicide pact, all of these derogatory terms were used without restraint, painting a terrible picture, indeed.

The "cult" was actually a group of Seventh Day Adventists. The "compound" was a church that had been in existence since 1935. The "bunker" was a tornado shelter.

This is just the beginning.

The Government alleged child abuse; it was a lie. The Government alleged that the Davidians were manufacturing drugs at the church; it was a lie. News reports painted the Davidians as white supremacist cultists: that is a lie. The Davidians came from every color, various backgrounds, and even other countries.

The Government said they implemented a plan to smoke the Davidians out of the compound. They intended to use the CS gas over a 48 period, unless they were fired upon. News reports indicate that FBI officials estimated a 99% chance that they would be fired upon. Instead of using the gas over a 48-hour period, they dumped almost all of it at once. Further, the tanks used to inject the canisters ripped holes in the walls and caused part of the structure to collapse. Exits were effectively blocked by billowing gas and debris. According to Internet guru Matt Drudge, he and two House members met in a hotel room in Colorado and viewed tapes from the scene which confirm that the Government was firing on the Davidians during the siege.

So, now, let me get this straight. In an attempt to save the innocent children inside, you torture them for 51 days, deny them water and electricity, play blaring recordings of animals in agony, gas them nearly to unconsciousness, deny them an exit route, shoot pyrotechnic canisters at the building, and fire on them as they attempt to leave, right? That makes perfect sense, to the insane.

The list of lies continues.

Congressman Waxman happily announced that Burton is a liar, because tucked into some 100,000 pages of evidence, released just three days before the original Waco hearings began, were two minor mentions of pyrotechnic devices used against the Davidians. Waxman shouldn't be so delighted by his revelation; if he knew about this evidence, why didn't he insist it receive proper attention during the hearings? Moreover, Reno testified, under oath, that no such evidence existed. Can you say perjury?

President Clinton denies any direct knowledge of the Waco plans. This is another whopping lie. In order for the Delta Forces to be present at Waco, a presidential waiver was necessary. Without this waiver, the Government would be in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. This act prevents direct military involvement in domestic law enforcement situations.

And, as is so typical of this administration, those who attempt to come forward with the truth are threatened. They're all liars, too, right?

In a letter published in the Dallas Morning News, William W. Johnston, Assistant U.S. Attorney Chief, Waco Division writes: "The photo of the projectile mentioned above shows what the Rangers now know is an M-651 pyrotechnic tear gas round. The casing goes with the projectile. As early suspicions of these problems made their way to the media via the DPS Chairman Jim Francis, I was astounded to see the Department's response was that this was 'more nonsense.' My surprise was based upon the fact that I had been updating my U.S. Attorney for weeks about this evidence." Look at that, another lie.

After discussion his previous and unpleasant encounter with Department of Justice officials, Johnston writes: "I mention the foregoing about the previous experience because I anticipate the same or worse may occur. In fact, it may have already begun. Last week, a fax which originated with the Department of Justice came to me. The fax was in three pages…The third page of the fax was an FBI report of an agent who heard radio traffic about a military round being fired. It has been suggested to me that these documents were sent to me to 'hang over my head,' or to say that I'd better look out stirring this matter up…So long as it is the truth 'hanging over my head,' I am not afraid. I will not be intimidated by anyone with the Department of Justice. I will assist the Congress or any other body who seeks the truth in this case." Surprise, surprise, more intimidation.

Johnston, still clinging to the vain hope that Reno has any integrity left in her body, further writes: "I now wonder whether or not you were ever advised that two Deputy U.S. Marshals in Waco were falsely accused of leaking raid information to the media back in 1993. These allegations were completely false, if not malicious. Not only was no action taken against the accusers who were both Deputy Marshals as well, but one of them has since been promoted. Similarly, although two ATF supervisors lied to the Rangers about whether or not they knew the element of surprise had been lost before the raid, representatives of the Department of Justice chose to not prosecute these individuals - and they were rehired with ATF. This sort of non-accountability, as described above, cuts at the credibility of the Department of Justice." In the Clinton Administration, liars are rewarded.

I cannot and will not defend the use of arms against the Federal agents. I believe that Koresh was a nut of the first order and that his followers, while starting with noble intent, were deluded by his teachings and the need of their own hearts to serve God faithfully. No matter their intent, killing Federal Agents, hard-working Americans in the line of duty, is a crime; it's called murder.

In the same regard, I cannot and will not condone the wholesale slaughter of fellow Americans on American soil, with the blessings of the Government, through the use of the military, under the guidance of incompetence, smeared through ignorance, and bathed in innocent blood. This is a crime; it's called murder.

I don't believe the Democrats want the truth to come out. I don't believe the Republicans when they insist on a full inquiry. I don't believe Reno, who has no credibility left to lose. I don't believe the Justice Department, which ignores evidence of crimes right under their nose and halts investigations to the point of treason. I don't believe the President, who lies habitually. I don't believe the FBI, who attempted to suppress this evidence. I don't believe the medical examiner, who now claims he needs to re-examine the bodies (some of which initially spoiled because the medical freezers failed).

Who do I believe?

The only credible source left…I believe the Texas Rangers.

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